PESTI abbreviation is composed of the first letters of "Public Engagement with Science, Technology and Innovation". As is evident, partially, from its name, this website intends to make numerous concepts and ongoing developments in the fields such as science (physics, chemistry and biology), technology and innovation more interesting and more comprehensible for all people regardless of their levels of interaction with such fields in their daily lives.

Children and youth are the most important target groups of PESTI. Although the talents and areas of interest of the children and youth are naturally different from each other, we believe that it is imperative for a better future to contribute to their having a humanistic and scientific point of view.

All of us start to receive science education in our primary school years, but how many of us do find this education sufficient and interesting? Considering the fact that the sense of wonder of man is the biggest precipitating cause of learning and development, it is accepted as a fact by societies that education must be adapted to the current conditions by increasing its comprehensibility and attractiveness. Popular science books, science and technology documentaries, science festivals, science & technology centers, etc. serve this purpose.

As a scientific communication environment, PESTI site is very happy to share with you the project "Creation of Stephen HAWKING's Universe with Nanotechnology", which is completely its own design and work, so that it can set a good example for the scientific communicators of the future to be trained in this field.

Then, what do we want to achieve basically with this application of ours, which is composed of "Our Nanotechnology-based Extraordinary Experiments"?

We want to;

  • Increase love and interest in the study fields of Nanotechnology and Cosmology,
  • Contribute to strengthening the scientific ties between Nanotechnology and Astrophysics,
  • Show, once more, the power of imagination and
  • Contribute to the next generations' having a better understanding of the scientific narrations of Stephen HAWKING, a great science envoy who has made significant contributions to the cosmology field.